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Natarajasana - Yoga Standing-Bow, marble-filled bonded resin with Mangowood baseWelcome to Asana-Inspirations, featuring authentic and accurate Asana poses sculpted by Stuart Land. These 10 inch (25 centimeter) fine art figurines are completely handmade in both Bronze, and Ivory-colored Bonded-Marble, then finished to museum quality. The bases are also bronze-standing-bow-lside-wtnindividually handmade: Black Marble for the Bronze Sculptures; lustrous Mangowood, an exotic Asian hardwood, for the Resin Figures.

Each limited edition sculpture is numbered and signed by the artist. The bronze edition is 350, with 10 artists proofs; the bonded marble is 1000, with 20 artist’s proofs.

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All the sculptures come with a Certificate Of Authenticity signed and numbered by the artist.

copyright Stuart Land 2006 - 2014